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Date of Birth :
26th of May
Birth Place :
Suvarnapur, Parsa, Birgunj
Zodiac Sign :
Hobbies :
Driving, music, movies
I Love :
My family, my fans, my country and my music
I Trust :
in the power of love"
Vulnerable Instinct :
Being very open
Clothing :
I prefer Casual, Jeans & T-shirt, Jacket
Enjoy :
Playing Guitar
Drink :
Beer & Whisky
Sports :
Football, Racing
Idea of sleeping :
As much as I can
I'm afraid of :
Loosing my voice
I get irritated by :
Staying in one place
I feel unhappy :
When I'm alone
Idea of romance :
To spend the night on the beach with a bottle of champagne.
I regret :
My education, my past
I hate :
Corruption, phony people, back bitters
Biggest Asset :
My voice, my music, my style
Fav. Color :
White, Black, Blue, Brown, Green
Fav. Place :
Fav. Food :
Fav. Actor :
Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourkey, James Dean
Fav. Actress :
Angelina Joli, Jennifer Lopez
Fav. Singer :
George Michael, Michael Jackson, Tupac Sakur, Dr. Dre, Boyz II Men, R.Kelly,Alicia keys
Nepalese Idol :
Late Arun Thapa, Aruna Lama, Narayan Gopal
Passion :
My music....
Greatest Necessity :
Attitude, Personality
Strength :
My creativity
Possessive about :
My woman
Bores me :
people with a big mouth
Songs that I never get tired :
listening My own songs (I know...what you think)
I avoid :
People with attitude problem
Touches me :
Helpless children orphans
I believe In :
my Conviction, my dedication
I have faith :
In myself
In Future :
Live happily in Nepal
Book I love to read :
Sci-Fi Thriller, Spy
Movie I was touched by :
Gladiator, English Patient
Fascinating Spots :
Pokhara, Manang, Ilam, Australia
Breathtaking Moment :
Watching my first music video
Bitter Moment :
When I lost my son Nivaan
Memorable Moment :
My first recording and the day Samuel was born
Embarrassing Moment :
When I first started working in HongKong
Inspiration in my musical carreer :
My brother namgel, friends from my first band "The Bass" (Rabi Thapa, Saroj Pandey, Bir Bdr. Lama, Suvarna Tuladhar) and my fans
Musical career :
started in 1989
First song recorded :
"Aai deu priya" (The Peace)
First Album :
Collection (Talent 1)
First Solo Album :
Nima 'Suna Suna'
First Music Video :
Ms. Catwalk
Other Music Videos :
Anjaan Mayalu, Huribatas, Jaadaichhu Ma Hai Videshma, Aau Aauna, Block Heel Shoes, Priti Basyo, Lolita, Meri Priyasi, Saanjhama Pani

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