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Fan Area

Dear fans, in this area you can send me your messages and suggestions and read the entries posted by other fans. You can also find a few of my pictures taken with my fans. If you have any photos taken with me, you can send it to me via email and I'll be more than happy to include it in this very page which is meant specially for you

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Nima and Fans  
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With Brijeta and Sonya on the roof of CYBERNEPAL during my web development and photo shoot.
With Prama, Bina & Prami during my photo shoot at Patan Durbar Square.
With Abhinav (from CYBERNEPAL), my friend as well as fan, at Patan Durbar Square during my photo shoot for the website.
Enjoying 'Pani Puri' aka 'Golgappa', 'Puchka' & 'Fulki' with Rajan and Dipankar at Patan Durbar Square during my photo shoot.
With Sarobar, during the music video shoot of my song at Balaju.


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